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Sugguest to invite excellent incubation project manager to teach their experience and make technology presentation or let the chief executive officer of emerging company or listed company of incubation center to share their experience on successful incubation or the incubation partner having set up successful foreign company to share their experience.

For building up innovation and incubation service environment and raise the power of incubation assistant, we will have three domestic and foreign incubation template seminar on June, July and August at north, center and south distinct. We will have successful experience sharing as mentioned above. Wish to have the companion of the member of incubation center.

Suggest considering the traffic issue about the schedule, and prefer to have the same place for seminar and to stay.

We plan to hold the incubation activities on the rules of taking turns in North, Center and South distinct. But we don’t use the same place for seminar and to stay, we wish the participant to have better environment for living and good. In the future, we will try our best to have more complete way to have the related activities.

Suggest to consider the safety about paying and make more preparation about the check-in process and issuing related information.

International incubation center fair uses activity signing up system to collect fees and it is very safe. But this time we react the difficulty to use the system to the manufacture. Hope to transfer their opinion to them honestly.

Suggest to announce and encourage Top35 manufacturers and list them in the web site of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The sharing of Top35 products is so popular. We very appreciate the assistance of National Central University. Later, we will announce the related information on “incubation web site” for more promotion.

For the qualification metric of the year 2014, “the percentage of innovation on total incubation company ” , we suggest to lower the standard to less than 50 percent.

Assistance of innovating company is an important policy of us. Such that we consider the industrial and regional special needs. We will use this suggestion in our future plan. Before any new announcement, please follow the regulation on 2013.

The classification of special value-added for subsidization and subscription on 2014 “Innovation which have advantage to incubation”, suggest to add a new metric “assistance to acquire biology region in government resource”, such as permit of Ministry of Health and Welfare.

The classification of special value-added for subsidization and subscription on 2014 are start-up, innovation, value-added and others. Every incubation center can create their own value-added business items and metrics by their future direction. If the metrics doesn’t belong to the classification mentioned above, it can be classified as a special value-added metrics.

We have a lot of restrictions about the allowances for a business trip such as fuel expense and accommodation fee and incidental expenses. Can it be relaxed?

About the allowances for a business trip, it should follows the regulations of budget defined by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and it’s associations and regulations for domestic and foreign business trip defined by Executive Yuan. Acceptable items are traffic expense, accommodation expense and official business expense etc. Any questions about other expenses, you can contact the coordinating center.

Can the restrictions of the assistance fee for manufactures such as exhibition and flyer be relaxed?

About the assistance fee for manufactures, it should be considered the position and the need of core task of incubation centers and process by economizing rules. We will use this suggestion in our future plan. Before any new announcement, please follow the regulation on 2013.

Could I make another usage for personal fee?

  1. Personal fee is the class one item. According to the regulations of budget defined by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and it’s associations listed in the Article 6, section 1 and subsection 3, class one item is not allowed to use for other purpose.
  2. According to the plan, any incubation centers want to change the plan for any special reason. They are supposed to do the procedures of changing plan according to the regulation on Article 11.

If the project manager won’t be paid by direct fee of his job, can he be allowed to receive a paid for other direct fee such as consulting fee?

According to the regulations of budget defined by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and it’s associations, even the project manager is not paid as direct salary fee. He is still belonged to project members on the contact. It is not allowed to be paid with other direct fee.

What is the standard to apply overtime pay?

Overtime pay to apply is listed realistically by the rules of every incubation center or their parent organization.

Can I list the Supplementary premium paid by employer of 2nd generation NHI from 2012 in government subsidization?

The incubation center only support the item” the difference between total wage paid by Group insurance applicant and total Premium ratable wage”. Due to the complexity of calculation of it, we want to make easier management of subsidization and subscription. It is suggested to be paid by parent organization self-collected and match fund for more flexible usage to the center.

Can aboard business travel expenses be used as cash inflows /outflows?

After the business travel expenses is verified if there is no fact to show the expenses happened, you need to return all the expenses. If it happens but still have remaining expenses due to difference of exchange rate or other reasons, the remaining expenses can be use as cash inflows /outflows.

Does we allow to use government subsidization fee as advertisement fee?

Suggest to pay with your parent organization’s self-collected or match fund.

Can I use printing fee for hand-carry bag?

Making table calendar, business diary, promotion manuscript, hand-carry bags, promotion pan etc. are all belonged to presents, souvenir, and promotion. It is not allowed for that use. Suggest to be paid with your parent organization’s self-collected or match fund.

What item are ink cartridge and toner cartridge belonged to?

They are classified as papers.

Can we use budget item Renting fee for fund to set up a place for selling or for official business use on other countries?

Please follow the regulations of budget defined by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and its associations and the regulations for budgeting and executing standard of subsidization and subscription. Other business fee for renting in this project should be paid with your parent organization’s self-collected or match fund.

Is it allowed to add a new item “incidental fee” in our budget list?

  1. On 2013, we canceled the incidental fee in budget list.
  2. About the budget items that are not allowed in government assistant fee, we suggest it to be paid with parent organization’s self-collected or match fund.

According to the regulation of 5% purchasing to a disadvantaged minority for a publicly-owned or non- publicly-owned organization, is it allowed to be listed in the item “others“ ?

  1. According to the regulation of advance purchasing to organization for disabilities or shell factory product and service, Art3.7. “the organization, team or private school to government subsidization means the subsidization is more than 50 percent of the total amount and more than one million NT dollars”. The subsidization project of incubation center is not qualified.
  2. Although the subsidization project of incubation center is not qualified, we still need to assist and ensure the benefit of organization for disabilities. The incubation center should list the budget according to subsidization and subscription regulation to purchase products and service from the organization mentioned above.
  3. For other related purchasing information, please refer to advance purchasing network information platform of Ministry of Interior.

What information need to submit about performance of the project management system?

  1. The incubation center should report the schedule this month to project management system before next 25th.
  2. Consider the acquiring time of 401 enterprise report and data from bereau of Labor Insurance and from the Bereau of Health Insurance. For simplifying the procedure of incubation center, the coordinator center will provide formal declaration to manufactures to use. If the number of employees, the investing fund , and business turnover are not matched to the report one. Please apply the modification to coordination center “the project system unlock ” after acquiring the new number.

Suggest to set up a reminding mechanism for project schedule delay of incubation center to eliminate the fining for delay.

The coordinator center will remind the progress of every incubation center that does not achieve the goal of contract on the center of the duration and one month before the deadline.

What is the schedule of project assessment and investigation and their metrics every year?

  1. The project assessment and investigation will be held from September to October. At that time, the incubation center will be asked to provide proper investigation date. Then judge will be arranged to do on-the-spot investigation.
  2. Assessment standard and procedure for 2013 will be announced at the end of February and the training course will be introduced at the same time.

Does KPMG audits the account including self-collected fund?

Regularly KPMG audit the subsidization for the first of all and selective examination for match fund. In principle, we don’t audit the self-collected fund but it still need to follow the regulation of parent organization.

What is the contact window of incubation center budgeting and cancellations after verification?

1.  About verification of incubation centers, please contact with KPMG directly.

  • KPMG, Deputy Manager , Ms. Wu Pay Ye 
  • Tel:(02)8101-6666#08949

2. Another contact window as follows.


What is the baseline for calculating the target invested fund achieved on 2013?

According to set-up investment meeting resolution of Ministry of Economy affairs, incubation center need to increase non-governmental investment to thirty billion NT dollars in four years. Such that the expected target value of every incubation center will be set basing on this target and refer to the average achieving value of previous three years.

What is the definition about characteristic metric, 60 percent of set-up for young man?

According the subsidization and subscription project on 2012, the young man means a man who is less than 45 years old.

Is the number of planned incubated companies adjustable for an incubation center according to the budget of subsidization and subscription?

The annual number of planned incubated companies and innovation enterprise on 2013 is adjusted by the verified subvention. If the subvention is one million NT dollars, the number of planned incubated companies is twelve including two innovation companies and each fifty hundred thousand dollars for four more incubated companies including one innovation company.

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