Policy pushing of the government to the project

In Taiwan, we have a lot of creativity to show on entrepreneurship and new idea to display. In the International Institute for Management Development or at the world-wide economy forum, Taiwanese show extraordinary economy power. For helping more people to start their own enterprises to realize their dreams now or in the future, strengthening creativity power of new ideas and starting new enterprise in Taiwan, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs start the project,” Leading Project to entrepreneurship” in 2009, to set up four small and medium enterprise service centers in North, Center, South and East district. We built up local channel to provide more consulting service. Through the consulting service for starting new enterprise, entrepreneurship, and creativity school, entrepreneurship workshop, female entrepreneurship network, entrepreneurship contest assistance and advance developing environment plan and mechanism for achieving our strategy objects such as “advance incubation environment”, “entrepreneurship knowledge and information platform” and “assistance to acquire entrepreneurship fund” . Help people to start an enterprise to knowledge level.

For creating better entrepreneurship environment continuously, providing people want to set-up a new enterprise to become the best one, accelerating developing and combining angel network and regional industry resources to complete supporting environment to entrepreneurship. Since 2012, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs start a new project named “Start-Up Taiwan” and focus on “Advance incubation to be the best”. We use three strategies as follows “arousing new start-up ideas and strengthen the power of entrepreneurship”, ”advance incubation to have your own distinguishing feature and speed up the incubation time of your new business” , and “ optimizing enterprise supporting network”. Assist you to choose excellent ideas for Start-up, building up an experimental field for Start-up. Through introducing idea factory, working with teachers and gowning-up accelerator mechanism, we provide customized service for brand new and best person for Start-up. By providing enterprise Start-up service centers in North , Center , South and East district, we combine local industry resources, enlarge local service power to complete supporting environment for Start-up. We expect to assist 1200 small and medium Enterprises including 400 new enterprises, increase 2000 new jobs and maintain 30000 jobs from 2012 to 2015.